Business advice

  • Business structure: limited companies, corporations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships
  • Legal requirements necessary to operate, grow, and end operations
  • Standardized forms and  policies to work efficiently
  • Legal requirements for business changes, such as sales, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and financing

Commercial and business transactions

  • Secured and unsecured financing
  • Leases and charters
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Contract review, negotiation and drafting

  • Agency
  • Art
  • Business
  • Consignment and other sales
  • Employment
  • Finance
  • Maritime
  • Procurement and Supply
  • Transportation


  • Contracts
  • Cross-border deals
  • Financing
  • Project finance

 Maritime and shipping

  • Public policy and law
  • Advice on international jurisdictions and law

Public benefit entities: societies, non-profits, cooperatives

  • Formation
  • Advice

Public speaking and advocacy

  • Ageism
  • Complete cities and planning
  • Freedom of expression
  • International trade
  • Slow food and the art of cooking from scratch
  • Walkability  and the pedestrian environment
  • And all of the practice areas listed above

I do not litigate or advise on criminal, family, real estate, tax, wills, or trusts and estate laws. I am happy to refer clients to others who specialize in those areas.