Publications and Speeches

Index of Published Articles and Speeches

“Legal Fictions with Teeth for Fiction Writers”, presentation 2020

“Regulatory Compliance“Euromoney Finance Review 2008/2009

“Weaving Logistics”, BIMCO Review 2002

“Juggling Lemons”, BIMCO Review 2000

“Ship Finance Staring the Bear in the Eye”, BIMCO Annual 1996

“Liberia’s New Clothes”, The Baltic 1999

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“Are We there Yet?”, BIMCO Review 1999

Accessing the US Capital Markets”, 9th Annual IIR /Marine Money Ship Finance Forum

“US Maritime Policy with respect to Subsidies”, BIMCO 1998

“Leaping into Cyberspace”, The Baltic, January 1997

“Shipbuilding Contract Standardization” BIMCO Rview 1996

“Lease Finance for Ships” UNCTAD/ESCAP/BIMCO Colloquium in Bangkok, Thailand 1996

“Weaning Shipyards Off of Government Support”, Euromoney Shipping Finance Annual  1995/1996

“Lease Finance for Ships” UNCTAD/BIMCO Colloquium in Santiago, Chile 1995

“Assumptions and Approaches to Shipbuilding Subsidies”  IIR/ Marine Money 5th Annual Ship Finance Conference

“Financing a Newbuilding Program” The IRI Report, October 1994

“Constraints on Chinese Banking and Financial Policy and their Implications for Foreign Lenders” Master’s Thesis, Columbia University 1986

“Kiss Our Feet”

Poetry published in Open Heart Forgery