Blue Lady
“Blue Lady” oil on canvas, by Ann Ter-Pogossian

My earliest involvement with an arts business was posing for my mother, then Ann Dodson, now Ann Ter-Pogossian,  for the “grand” sum of a Popsicle at the end of the session. My mother, who was widowed with three children under the age of 8, was adamant that I pursue a career in law or medicine, not art.

I followed my mother’s advice and became a lawyer.  I worked on international corporate deals, and represented governments, drafting law and policy. I have also represented smaller businesses, including visual artists, internet start ups, contractors, chefs and others. As a result, I have reviewed, drafted, and negotiated a wide variety of contracts, closed a broad range of commercial transactions, and provided legal advice from a few sentences to dozens of pages.

In addition to practicing law, I have started, operated and closed small businesses including a hand-crafted jewelry company, and an artisan bakery. I understand the joys and challenges of running small businesses — and making a profit.

All businesses are affected by global changes in technology, communications, business ethics, the environment and international markets.

With my background, I know that small businesses need affordable legal advice, and I know how to help businesses smoothly navigate local, national, and international issues. I offer legal services, some at flat fixed rates, some where I charge by the hour and some which are a hybrid.